Worldwide Supercharge Adapter

Do you love traveling? Are you visiting different countries for business or pleasure regularly?
It can be frustrating to be somewhere outside of your normal space and forget the plugs or sockets are different.
You can’t charge your phone, computer or use your other devices.
You need the Worldwide Supercharge Adapter!
Our travel adapter allows you to have four plugs in one. It is UK, EU, US, and AUS compatible.
That means it will work in over one hundred and fifty countries! Our adaptor is CE, ROSH, and FCC approved and certified for safety.

  • All in One Design International Travel USB Plug Adapter
    • If you are looking for a plug adapter for your international travelling, the Wadap travel adapter charger can meet what you need.
    • 4 USB charging ports , allow you to charge 5 devices simultaneously at fast speed, maximize the charging efficiency.

      • Lightweight and Portable, Perfect for your Travel
      • Fit in the palm of your hand, small and lightweight, good choice for your travel.

        • Multifunctional Travel Power Adapter, Suitable with Most Electronic Devices

                                 Suitable with Hair dryer, mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets, macbook, laptop, bluetooth speaker, bluetooth headphones and other USB powered devices.

      • The international travel adapter Covering more than 150 countries Worldwide


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